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Jackie Shroff Movies, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Height, And Biography

Jackie Shroff, also known as Jai Kishen Kakubhai Shroff, is an Indian actor. Mostly appearing in Hindi films, he has also worked in more than 13 languages, including Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, and many more. As one of the most prominent Indian actors in the industry, he has been making a name for himself for the past four decades. A young Jackie Shroff was born on 1st February 1957 in Bombay (the present Mumbai), Maharashtra, India.

His father, Kakubhai Haribhai Shroff, was from Gujarat, and his mother, a Kazakhstan Turkman, was from Gujarat. Ayesha Dutt, a model and later a film producer, has been Shroff’s longtime girlfriend for many years. Jackie Shroff Entertainment Limited is a media company run by the couple. There are two children in the family, a son who is a Bollywood actor, Tiger Shroff, and a daughter, Krishna Shroff, who is a singer.

Jackie Shroff Biography

Full Name                                                          Jai Kishan Kakubhai “Jackie” Shroff

Nickname                                                          Jackie, Jaggu Dada, and Sultan Of Swag

Age                                                                      66 years old (in 2023)

Date of Birth                                                     1 February 1957

Wife                                                                    Ayesha Shroff

Net Worth                                                          $26 Million

Country                                                               Indian

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Jackie shroff Family & Relationship

As a professional author, Leena Somaiya was Jackie’s lover. She was also the niece of Tina Munim. Jackie Shroff never said it officially. Ayesha Dutt was Shroff’s long-term girlfriend until he married her later. Ayesha Dutt was married on June 5, 1987, her birth date. An actress and former model, Ayesha is also a motion picture producer. The couple also owns a media company, Jackie Shroff Entertainment Limited. They jointly controlled 10% of Sony TV for 15 years after Sony TV was introduced until 2012, when they sold their shares and dissolved their 15-year partnership with Sony TV, during which they controlled 10% of Sony TV collectively. Their son is Tiger Shroff (a Bollywood actor), and their daughter is Krishna Shroff.

Jackie shroff career

The family could not afford to keep Jackie Shroff in school after he finished the 11th grade. His lack of experience led to rejection from Air India and Taj Hotels. As a travel agent, he began working for a company he discovered through a friend. While waiting for the bus, an accountant approached him and asked if he was interested in modeling. A picture session was rescheduled for the next day, so Shroff took a break at the advertising agency (National advertising agency), which shares space with Davar’s college. Shroff’s modeling career began with a picture shoot for a suit shirt. His first film was Dev Anand’s Swami Dada, released in 1982. Hero was directe by Subhash Ghai and starr him opposite Meenakshi Sheshadri. Reviewers and viewers alike praised the film, and it became one of 1983’s highest-grossing films.

At the time of Hero, Shroff and Seshadri were legitimate A-list celebrities. The actor continued to accept Subhash Ghai’s film roles. Additionally to Hero, he has appeared in Andar Baahar. They both succeeded in their goals, Jaanoo and Yudh. The most money was made from his 1986 film Karma. Kaash was his next film. The next two movies, Dahleez and Sachché Ká Bol-Bálá received excellent reviews but flopped at the box office. With movies like Parinda, Tridev, and Ram Lakhan, he regained fame and received the Filmfare for best actor. His role in Saudagar, Angaar, Sapne Sajan Ke, Gardish, Khalnayak, 1942: A Love Story, Rangeela, Agnisakshi, Border, and Shapath is just some of the famous movies from the 1990s.

Jackie shroff’s Personal Life

Ayesha came from a wealthy and royal family. At the same time, Jackie, who was having trouble in the film industry, didn’t even have a home. In a chawl, he lived. After marriage, Ayesha also lived with him in this chawl without complaining. It’s no less than a film following the real-life love story of Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff. His love story was mention in an interview by Jackie. His wife, Ayesha, stood on the roadside waiting for her school bus when he was 13.
Jackie was giving her heart to Ayesha right here. The process of the meeting between them increased after this, and they became closer. Jackie’s love story was complicat because she already had a girlfriend who had gone to America to study before she met Ayesha. She wrote to the girl and told her about her relationship with Jackie and that she wanted to marry him. Their house was settl after Ayesha and Jackie got marrige in 1987.

Jackie Shroff’s Net Worth

As an actor and producer from India, Jackie Shroff has a net worth of $26 million. Jackie Shroff has appeared in over 220 films in over a dozen languages, including Hindi, English, and Punjabi. His role in the 1983 film “Hero” made him famous. His films include “Parinda” (1989), “Khalnayak,” “Gardish,” “1942: A Love Story”, “Rangeela,” “Mission Kashmir,” “Aaranya Kaandam,” and “Soul Curry.” Shroff’s productions include “Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain” (2000) and “Grahan” (2001). Ayesha Dutt and Jackie Dutt previously owned 10% of Sony TV but sold it in 2012.

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